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Gonzalez-Perez, M.A, & McDonough T., Bananas Ethical Quality: Multi-stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance, CISC Working Paper No: 21, November 2005

This paper examines a recent and very specific development in the field of corporate governance. The regulation of �corporate social responsibility,� that is corporate compliance with society�s expectations in regard to issues like working conditions and environmental impact has shifted from government agencies to civil society organizations, more specifically NGO�s or Non Governmental Organizations. This means that standards are more often negotiated and the subject of voluntary agreements. Since corporations enter into these agreements on a voluntary basis, the enforcement of these arrangements must be at least partially carried out through internal corporate mechanisms. We examine these issues using the example of the banana industry.

KEYWORDS: Banana Industry, Corporate Social Responsibility, Labelling, NGOs.

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