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CISC working papers represent work-in-progress by people associated with CISC, often in conjunction with researchers in Ireland and further afield. Publication in working paper format is intended to faciliate the rapid dissemination and discussion of research results, is often preliminary to final publication in an outlet such as a peer-reviewed academic journal or as a book chapter.

CISC Working Papers





Growth and Crisis: Social Structure of Accumulation Theory and Analysis Details>>

Gonzalez-Perez, M.A., McDonough, T., Chiquita Brands and the banana business: brands and labour relations transformations, CISC Working Paper No: 23, January 2006 Details>>

Gonzalez-Perez, M.A., McDonough, T, & Dundon, T., Labour Relations Practices and Migrant Workers in Ireland, CISC Working Paper No: 22, December 2005 Details>>

Gonzalez-Perez, M.A, & McDonough T., Bananas Ethical Quality: Multi-stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance, CISC Working Paper No: 21, November 2005 Details>>

Whelan, E., Knowledge Exchange in Electronic Networks of Practice; Towards a conceptual Framework. CISC Working Paper No. 20, November 2005 Details>>

Hochtberger, K., Globalisation of Services: Trade, Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Development, CISC Working Paper No. 19, September 2005 Details>>

Pontikakis, D., Measuring Stocks and Flows of Human Resources for Science and Technology (HRST); A Survey of Methods, CISC Working Paper No. 18, September 2005 Details>>

Pontikakis, D., McDonnell, T., & Geoghegan, W., Ireland's National Innovation System: An Exploratory Study of Supporting Institutions and Dynamic Actors. CISC Working Paper No. 17, July 2005 Details>>

Pontikakis, D., McDonnell, T., Geoghegan, W., 'Conceptualising a National Innovation System: Actor Roles and Incentives' CISC Working Paper No. 16, May 2005 Details>>

Tylecote, A., Ramirez, P., 'UK Corporate Governance and Inovation' CISC Working Paper No. 14 Details>>

Hoechtberger, K.; White, M. and Grimes, S. 'The Evolution of Multinational Computer Services Affiliates in Ireland,' CISC Working Paper No. 13 Details>>

Dundon, T., Curran, D., Maloney, M., & Ryan, P., 'Organisational Change and Employee Information and Consultation', CISC Working Paper No. 12, Details>>

Burbach, R. and Dundon, T. "The Use of People Management Technologies in Ireland," CISC Working Paper No. 11 Details>>

Murray, Scott., Golden, W., Hughes, M., 'The Implementation of Citizen-Centred E-Government: A Stakeholder Viewpoint' CISC Working Paper No. 10 Details>>

Ramirez, P., 'The globalisation of research amongst leading European and US Pharmaceutical multinationals: The shift of European investment to the USA', CISC Working Paper No. 9. Details>>

Golden, W., Higgins, E., Lee, S. H., 'National Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship' CISC Working Paper No. 8. Details>>

Hoechtberger, K.; Zademach, H.-M. and Grimes, S., : 'Aspiring Affiliates, Global Project Networks and Local Embeddedness: Evidence from Bangalore, India'. CISC Working Paper No. 7., Galway 2003 Details>>

Monks, K.; Loughnane, M. and McMackin, J. 'Designing a HR System: Pitfalls, Possibilities and Performance', CISC Working Paper No. 6 Details>>

Monks, K.; Loughnane, M. and McMackin, J. 'Greenfield Sites in Brownfield Locations: Creating New HR Systems by Managing Old HR Problems', CISC Working Paper No. 5 Details>>

Rittau, Y., 'Regional Union Response to Restructuring : a case study of an Australian trades council', CISC Working Paper No. 4. Details>>

White, M.,'The Role of Dublin's International Financial Services Centre in Irish Regional Development', CISC Working Paper No. 3. Details>>

Hilliard, R., Jacobson, D., 'Systems of Innovation and their limits: The Case of Environmental Regulation of the Irish Pharmaceutical Industry', CISC Working Paper No. 2. Details>>

White, M., 'Inward Investment, Firm Embeddedness and Place: An Assessment of Ireland's Multinational Software Sector', CISC Working Paper No. 1. Details>>

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