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    Fri Feb 4 17:22:32 2005

    Follow up discussion on research funding opportunities

    February 04 2005
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    Seminar on research databases

    February 03 2005
    There will be a seminar on creating and managing research databases Friday 18th February 2005.

    Details from following the link below.

    Details of seminar
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    CISC/Faculty of Commerce Research Funding Workshop

    January 27 2005

    Presentations available

    Thanks to all who attended/participated in this workshop, held on Monday 24th January 2005. The presentations are available by following the link below:

    Workshop Presentations

    Enquiries and feedback to:

    , Development Officer, CISC
    ext 2817 or 512 362 (direct line)

    email: [email protected]

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    Workshop in Computable Economics

    December 01 2004
    IRCHSS Masterclass workshop in NUI, Galway on Computable Economics: Computability, Computational Complexity and Dynamical Systems Theory in Economics and Finance. The aim of the Tutorial Workshop will be to provide doctoral students, Junior Faculty and interested Post-Doctoral scholars at universities and other resident members of Research Institutes a basic grounding in the mathematical and experimental methods of Computable Economics.The workshop will be held at NUI, Galway from 20-24 March, 2005.
    Download details of Workshop in Computable Economics
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    ICSTI, Forfas and CISC to host conference on Evaluating Research

    May 19 2004

    Research and the Knowledge Based Society

    European conference on good practice in evaluation and indicators

    May 24th 2004

    Venue: Information Technology Building, NUI Galway

    In collaboration with the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) at NUI Galway, the Irish Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (ICSTI ) and Forfas are bringing together policy makers, researchers and professional evaluators to:

    • Engage the research community in debate about evaluation;
    • Inform the research community about international practice amongst evaluators; and
    • Increase the awareness of policy makers about evaluation and indicators.
    Professional evaluators who will be attending and participating in the conference include the members of the European RTD (Research and Technological Development) Evaluators Network, representatives of the European Commission and experts from national units and agencies concerned with RTD evaluation.

    Speakers at this one-day conference include:

    • Professor Luke Georghiou, PREST, University of Manchester
    • Dr Ken Guy Founding director of the consultancy companies Technopolis and Wise Guys Ltd and innovation policy specialist, UK
    • Professor Anita Jones Professor of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
    • Professor Stefan Kuhlmann Director of the Department of Technology Analysis and Innovation Strategies, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Dr Wolfgang Polt Head of the Institute of Technology and Regional Policy (INTEREG) Vienna and Joanneum Research, Austria
    • Dr Jari Romanainen Executive Director (Strategy), Tekes, the National Technology Agency, Finland
    • Dr Don Thornhill Chairman of the Higher Education Authority in Ireland
    • Dr Bill Harris, Director General, Science Foundation Ireland
    More details are available at the

    Conference Website

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    Taoiseach turns sod for �16m business school building -- CISC's eventual home

    April 29 2004

    CISC HEA PRLTI funding contributes

    The President of NUI Galway, Dr. Iogn�id � Muircheartaigh, today (29th April 2004) announced plans to develop a new �16 million School of Business on campus at the University. An Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern, TD was present to officially turn the sod for the 4000 square metre facility which is due for completion by September 2005.

    The development of a new business school at NUI Galway has been made possible through a combination of PRTLI, EU and private funding, led by a �4.5 million donation by Atlantic Philanthropies. Additional funding is anticipated through further donations and expansion of the overseas visiting student programme, with increased numbers of students from the US and Europe.

    The HEA PRTLI funding, as part of the overall funding package for the building to is that assigned to CISC under Cycle 3 of the Programme for Research in Third Level Insitutions, part of the National Development Plan 2002-2006. CISC's personnel will relocate to the new building on completion, as part of the overall project.

    The sod-turning ceremony, in addition to the Taoiseach's launch of NUI Galway's new webcasting facilities, is available, (via webcast) at

    See also the official press release at:

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    CISC, CIMRU and IT Department co-host Enterprise Ireland Workshop for SMEs

    April 15 2004

    The eNable SMEs project

    eBusiness Enablement for Irish SMEs

    In collaboration with the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Research Unit (CIMRU) and the Information technology Department (ITD), the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) at NUI Galway, is co-hosting a workshop, which is the culmination of a research project sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, to encourage and facilitate Irish organisations in the area of innovation, technology and eBusiness. This project comprises an internationally recognised team of researchers all based at NUI, Galway. The total research project, entitled eNable SMEs, consists of three interrelated components:

    The total research project, entitled eNable SMEs, consists of three interrelated components:

    • Human Resource Information Systems led by CISC;
    • Cost effective internet based solutions for project portfolio management led by CIMRU; and
    • Low cost digital virtual supply chain solutions led by ITD.

    This workshop

    The purpose of the workshop is to present new technology solutions purposely designed to advance SMEs to a full player in a virtual supply chain. Interested representatives of SMEs and large enterprises alike are cordially invited to attend this workshop.

    It wil be held on:

    Wednesday 19th May 2004

    at NUI Galway

    Follow the link below for more details

    >> Details of the eNable SME workshop >>
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    New CISC working papers available

    April 06 2004
    A number of new working papers, reflecting research undertaken by personnel affiliated with CISC are now available on this web site. These include a study of the evolution of multi-national computer services affiliates in Ireland, a major new report on employee consultation and information, a study of people management techniques, and a study of e-government implementation.

    These papers are available in full from the link below.
    CISC Working Papers
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    Major report on Employee Information and Consultation released.

    April 02 2004
    A major new report, on Employee Information and Consultation, has been released. The report, undertaken for the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment, is based on work undertaken by researchers at the Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC) and at the Department of Management at NUI Galway.The report itself is published here as a CISC working paper is available by following the link below:
    Download Full report (pdf format)
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    Forthcoming Seminar by Sean O'Riain on the Irish Software Industry

    March 24 2004
    Sean O'Riain, Professor of Sociology at NUI Maynooth will give a CISC seminar on Thursday 29th April 2004 at 2.30 pm in the Seminar Room of the Centre for the Study of Human Settlement and Historical Change, NUI Galway on the topic:The Irish Software Industry: a Model for Industrial Development?Details are available from the link below:
    More details on this seminar
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    The Demand and Supply of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers

    February 29 2004

    New project by CISC for IRCSET

    CISC is undertaking a three-month research project for the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) to investigate the relative balance between supply and demand in the market for career researchers, principally being PhD-qualified scientists and engineers. The project will consider in particular whether current and future planned public support for the training of career researchers, and the insitutional structures in Ireland are consistent with the policy aim of building a knowledge-based society.

    This project, begining March 2004, will be seeking to recruit a full-time researcher for three months. Further details from ().

    See also the link below for further details on this project.

    More details on this project
    Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
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    CISC leads NUI Galway role in new REGINA Project

    January 10 2004
    The Centre for Innovation & Structural Change is managing NUI Galway's participant in the REGINA project.

    REGINA is a project funded by the European Union under the INTERREG dedicated to:the setting up of a lasting partnership for REGional scientific, technological and Innovation kNowledge management in the Atlantic area.

    The project involves the construction of the REGINA partnership, formed by eight regions from the five countries of the Atlantic Area (Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal).

    The BMW Regional Assembly is the other Irish partner in this project.

    Further details are available from Dr Lorna Ryan ([email protected]) and from the links below.
    More details on this project
    REGINA web site
    BMW Regional Assembly
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    CISC a participant in new �19m REMEDI centre at NUI Galway

    January 05 2004
    The Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC) at NUI Galway is a participant in REMEDI, the new Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded Regenerative Medicine Research Institute at NUI Galway. SFI will fund �15m of the work programme, and industrial partners will contribute �5m. REMEDI will specialise in basic and applied research in regenerative medicine to develop new therapies for human diseases that are currently incurable.

    CISC supporting REMEDI outreach

    CISC�s particular role will be to support REMEDI in its outreach activities, particularly in respect of interactions with policy makers and the business community. Outreach programmes are a vital part of SFI funded initiatives, intended to engage to broadest range of participating from the wider community in the ongoing dialogue about science and society.

    Socio-economic work by CISC at REMEDI

    CISC also has a specific programme of research within REMEDI, focussing on the socio-economic aspects of stem cell and gene therapy research. This work will draw from perspectives on new medical technologies from the economics of technological change and innovation, and also from health economics analyses, including cost of illness evaluations. The potentially enormous opportunities for improving quality of life arising from the therapies developed by REMEDI will be explored in this research, and this may in turn help to inform priority setting in health research and service provision policy. This health economics element of CISC�s contribution will be led by Dr Eamon O�Shea, of the Department of Economics at NUI, Galway, who is a specialist in the fields of health economics and evaluation.Other personnel currently at CISC have been engaged in work relating to the development of a medical devices cluster of industrial activity in the Border Midlands West Region, and in particular, along the Atlantic Technology Corridor, and these interests and experience will inform REMEDI�s mission in developing the industrial base in the region and Ireland more generally.
    More detail on this project
    Science Foundation Ireland
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    CISC Working Papers launched

    November 28 2003
    The first tranche of CISC working papers has been launched. Working papers represent work in progress by CISC personnel (postgraduate students, postdoctoral research fellows and academic staff) and their collaborating authors across the range of priority research areas at CISC.
    Working papers are a platform for the rapid dissemination of such work, prior to eventual presentation at conferences/seminars and in many cases, publication in the form of journal articles, book chapters and/or research reports.
    The full text of current working papers is available from the web page (follow the link below).
    CISC Working Papers
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    Seminar by Dr. Chris Van Egeraat

    July 25 2003
    Title: Geography of Production Linkages in the Irish and Scottish Microcomputer Hardware Industry: The Role of Logistics.Further information at
    CISC Seminar Website
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    CISC hosts CollECTeR Conference on eCommerce

    June 24 2003
    CISC hosted a major one day conference on eCommerce, on 24th June 2003 at NUI Galway, organised as a joint initiative of the Centre, the Information Systems group at the Department of Accountancy and Finance at NUI Galway and CollECTeR (Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research.). Proceedings of the conference are now online:
    CollECTeR 2003 web site
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