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MG307 New Enterprise Development

Final Year B.Comm

The objectives of the course are: to give students an understanding of entrepreneurship which may be of particular benefit to those students after they graduate either directly or indirectly (as an administrative entrepreneur/ employee in a financial or development agency); and to give students an understanding of the management of the small company, to learn about its methods of operation, thus providing an opportunity to evaluate the experience in the context of their own future career. The following topics will be dealt with: Overview of entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship. Understanding the stages of the start-up process. Searching for venture opportunities. Matching an individual or team with a venture situation. Project analysis-market analysis, technical analysis, financial analysis. Preparation of the business proposal/plan. Evaluating sources of finance. Structuring the business. Managing operations. Developing the capabilities required in the new enterprise.
Use will be made of a number of teaching methods � student projects, case research, case studies, group discussions, workshops and lectures.

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