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A key concern of national research funders in Ireland is that research has impacts on the teaching programmes of third-level institutions, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This section indicates some of those (degree) courses, mainly at NUI Galway, and specific modules within those courses with which CISC personnel are associated, and which have drawn from the ongoing research work underway at CISC.

The listing and details are intended to be indicative of these linkages: degrees courses and specific teaching modules are managed via the University's faculties and academic departments, so that intending students are advised to consult official university information, such as prospectuses for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, for definitive information.


Master of Economic Science
Master of Rural Development
Masters of Science in Technology Management
MBS in Corporate Strategy and People Management
MBS in Electronic Commerce
MBS in Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management
MBS in Marketing
The Degree of Executive Master of Business Administration


EC209 Managerial Economics
EC213 Macroeconomics
EC378 Economics of Technological Change
EC651 Science, Technology and Society
MG203 Business Organisation and Management
MG304 Management of Human Resources
MG307 New Enterprise Development
MG315 Managment of Organisational Change
MG324 International Comparative Industrial Relations
MG329 Contemporary Issues in Business Policy and Management
MG529 Introduction to Business
MG543 Research Methods
MG544 People Management & Development
MG601 Research Methods
MG603 People Management and Development
MG610 Knowledge Management and the Learning Organisation
MG612 Innovation and Technology Management
MG652 Leadership, Change & Innovation Management
MS840 Interactive Programming
PS324 Professional Skills and Ethical Issues 1
PS326 Professional Skill and Ethical Issues 2
TI230 Economic Geography
TI501 Sustainability, Environment & Development

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