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"Knowledge Intensive Service Activities in Ireland"

CISC is Ireland's designated representative on this cross-country OECD project, which is faciliated by Forfás, the state policy and co-ordination body in enterprise and innovation policy.

Project description
Knowledge Intensive Service Activities (KISA) are defined for the purpose of this project as innovation services provided either internally or externally to a firm or organisation, whether in the manufacturing or service sectors. The services concerned here are those specifically aimed at innovation in product, process or organisation and do not include business services with a broader remit such as simply improving operations without significant innovation or innovative intent. The KISA project is an initiative of the OECD working party on innovation and technology policy. The KISA focus group undertakes cross-country research in different sectors and runs from 2002 to the end of 2004.

Project Leader:

Dr Laura Martinez-Solano


Majella Giblin

Dr Laura Martinez-Solano

Edel Walshe

The research is divided into four steps:

Step 1: Review and analysis of national statistics on the contours of the industries selected

Step 2: Description and evaluation of government and semi-public programs and policies and some private ones as appropriate

Step 3: Survey of firms and organisations (use and integration of KISA)

Step 4: Policy implication of the development of KISA for the management of National Innovation Systems.


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