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"Integrating Horizontal Innovation Policy"

CISC is Ireland's designated representative on this cross-country OECD project, which is facilitated by Forfás, the state policy and co-ordination body in enterprise and innovation policy.

Project description
MONIT is a cross-national, comparative study providing the OECD/TIP with new knowledge on how to incorporate innovation policy elements across policy areas. The objective is to learn from national experiences on how to align STI policy better with the rest of the policy system, and how to better integrate STI elements in a horizontal, cross-sectoral and institutional approach for more effective and efficient or coherent innovation policy.
Specifically, the project will focus on:

a) How national traditions and contexts generate and sustain policy orientations and mixes. How different policies interact to create a basis for developing horizontal policy.

b) How to co-ordinate policies across institutional boundaries through inter-ministerial collaboration and institutional mechanisms for policy learning within and between agencies and ministries.

c) The key national capabilities for effective processes of policy formulation, co-ordination and implementation as well as for the management of transition processes in complex innovation systems. These capabilities include those of evaluation and identifying policy needs.

Project Leader:

Dr Rachel Hilliard


Dr Willie Golden

Dr Paulina Ramirez

WP1 Profiling national innovation policy.

The aim is to reach a more comprehensive view of the current situation in national priorities and strategies, and the key reforms and decisions that formed the policy profiles over time. The profiling will be done mainly through in-depth national reviews combined with interviewing national panels of policy makers to allow for consistent policy judgments.

WP2 Case studies of specific policy areas

Studies of information society and environmental policy will provide an overview of each policy area and its links with innovation policy. This will encompass the historical perspective; mapping of actors, institutions and flows and the co-ordination arrangements typical for the policy area. The outcome will be an assessment of the coherence of policy making in the area as well as developing recommendations for improvements.


Publications, presentations etc, for this project:

Conference papers/presentations:

Ramirez, P., Innovation and the Information Society: A study of Policy Coherence and Governance in Ireland OECD MONIT network workshop Oral Presentation International

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