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Priority Research Area: High Performance Work Systems

Research Director: Dr Tony Dundon

The goals of this priority research area are to examine the strategies and characteristics of high performance workplaces and their diffusion through organisational learning and social partnership, to assess the degree to which innovation and effectiveness are impeded by a growing `representation gap' at workplace level, to generate new sources of primary data, leading to an all-Ireland Workplace Employee Relations Survey, and to contribute to an emerging research and teaching focus in the management of human resources.

Projects within this priority research area:

PRTLI_HPWS: "High Performance Work Systems in Ireland"

eNableSME: "eBusiness Enablement for Irish SMEs: the role of Human Resource Information Systems"

WORKLIFE: "An investigation of work-life balance perception, outcomes, and policy implications"

Events related to this priority research area:

28th June 2006 (Conference): "British Universities Industrial Relations Association" Details>>

3rd April 2006 (Seminar): "The Rise (and Rise) Of The Work-Life Issue: What We Know And Why We Need A Broader View " Details>>

13th March 2006 (Seminar): "The Relationship between IT Capabilities and Strategic Applications of Human Resource Information Technology" Details>>

17th February 2006 (Seminar): "Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory" Details>>

15th April 2005 (Seminar): "Rethinking the nature of worker representation in the UK" Details>>

21st October 2004 (Seminar): "University Technology Transfer and Commercialisation of Research: Some Evidence from International Best Practice" Details>>

19th May 2004 (Workshop): "eBusiness Enablement for Irish SMEs" Details>>

7th March 2003 (Conference): "Implementing the European Information and Consultation Directive" Details>>

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