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Priority Research Area: Inter-Organisational Systems

Research Director: Dr Willie Golden

The goals of this area are to investigate the salient operational features of inter-firm networks and collaborative relationships, including those with a regional dimension, to determine the extent to which `inter-organisational systems' incorporating new information technologies facilitate the growth of flexible inter-firm networks and provide a platform for value-added partnerships, and to devise feedback loops between research and teaching so that course materials and delivery are informed by best practice in the area.

Projects within this priority research area:

PRTLI_INTERORG: "The Role of Inter-organisational Sytems in Collaborative Networks"

PRTLI_INTERORG: "Hewlett Packard tablet PC's at NUI, Galway."

Events related to this priority research area:

7th June 2006 (Conference): "IFIP 8.6 Conference: The Transfer and Diffusion of IT for Organizational Resilience" Details>>

17th February 2006 (Seminar): "Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory" Details>>

18th October 2005 (Seminar): "Knowledge exchange in electronic networks of practice" Details>>

11th October 2005 (Seminar): "Inter-Organisational systems; Knowledge and performance in formal teams " Details>>

14th October 2004 (Seminar): "Innovation and the Information Society: a Study of Policy Coherence and Governance in Ireland" Details>>

24th June 2003 (Conference): "CollECTeR Conference on eCommerce" Details>>

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