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Priority Research Area: Internationally Traded Services

Research Director: Professor Seamus Grimes

The goals of this area are to apply the new economic geography to an analysis of the spatial pattern of foreign direct investment in internationally traded services (ITS) in Ireland, to assess the `embeddedness' of ITS investment in the local economy and the role of indigenous firms in supply chain activity, outsourcing and penetration of global markets, to identify the public policy implications relating to spatial strategy, and to pursue new teaching and learning initiatives on the theme of the information economy.

Projects within this priority research area:

PRTLI_ITSREG: "The Potential for Regionalising Internationally Traded Services"

Events related to this priority research area:

10th April 2006 (Seminar): "Strategic Leveraging of Power by Foreign-Owned Affilates in Ireland" Details>>

6th March 2006 (Other): "CISC Reading Group" Details>>

17th February 2006 (Seminar): "Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory" Details>>

25th October 2005 (Seminar): "Globalisation of services: trade, foreign direct investment and regional development" Details>>

11th March 2005 (Seminar): "Policy approaches to developing the region in the information age: Evidence from Ireland and Europe" Details>>

28th October 2004 (Seminar): "The Evolution of Multinational Computer Services Affiliates in Ireland" Details>>

7th October 2004 (Seminar): "Ireland's Emergence as a Centre for Internationally Traded Services" Details>>

24th January 2004 (Seminar): "The Irish Software Industry" Details>>

25th July 2003 (Seminar): "Geography of Production Linkages in the Irish and Scottish Microcomputer Hardware Industry: The Role of Logistics" Details>>

6th February 2003 (Seminar): "Clusters and Cluster Policy - Regional Development, Universities and Strategies for Cluster Promotion" Details>>

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