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Priority Research Area: Industry Clustering

Research Director: Dr Paul Ryan

The goals of this area are to develop a better understanding of the characteristics and performance of industry clusters as a newly identified source of competitive advantage in the global economy, to construct primary data sources for research in Ireland using longitudinal survey and case study approaches, with the potential for international comparative analysis, and to build expertise in collaboration with international researchers which is incorporated into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes.

Projects within this priority research area:

PRTLI_INDU: "Industry Clustering and Regional Competitive Advantage"

WDC_TRENDS: "A review of international trends in industry sectors for the Western Development Commission, Ireland"

WDC_MED_TECH: "Medical Technology and Devices Industry in the West of Ireland: An Industry Based Case Study"

OECDKISA: "Knowledge Intensive Service Activities in Ireland"

Events related to this priority research area:

7th November 2006 (Other): "From Science to Growth: Where and How Technology Transfer Fits" Details>>

28th September 2006 (Seminar): ""Universities, Innovation, and the Competitiveness of local Economies" Details>>

28th September 2006 (Other): "Innovation - The Hidden Dimension" Details>>

20th February 2006 (Seminar): "Regional Innovation Systems and Public Policy" Details>>

17th February 2006 (Seminar): "Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory" Details>>

9th November 2005 (Seminar): "Does it pay to be green? Modelling performance in the presence of complementary capabilities" Details>>

25th February 2005 (Seminar): "The Role of Knowledge Intensive Service Activities in Building the Innovative Capacity of the Irish Software Sector" Details>>

11th November 2004 (Seminar): "Innovation policy governance in Ireland: the problem of coherence in an emerging national innovation system." Details>>

4th November 2004 (Seminar): "Open Source: A New Model of Innovation?" Details>>

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