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Priority Research Area: Innovation Systems

Research Director: Professor Michael Cuddy

The goals of this priority area are to investigate the theoretical and operational aspects of innovation and structural change in Ireland, to analyse, measure and evaluate knowledge flows and other linkages within national and regional innovation systems as part of a programme of collaborative, interdisciplinary research, to identify the implications of this research for the framing of science, technology and innovation policy in Ireland and more widely, and to provide training for young and emerging researchers.

Projects within this priority research area:

PRTLI_INNOVSYS: "Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation"

REGINA_CISC: "Towards the setting up of a lasting partnership for REGional scientific, technological and Innovation kNowledge management in the Atlantic area"

REMEDI_CISC: "Delivering socio-economic benefits from stem cell and gene therapy research"

IRCSET_CISC: "The supply and demand of doctoral scientists and engineers in Ireland and consequences for funding"

eComplexity_DERI: "Characterising Complexity, the Digital Enterprise, eCommerce Markets and Knowledge Intensive Economies: new analytical approaches from computable economics"

OECD_MONIT: "Integrating Horizontal Innovation Policy"

GLOBALWAVE: "Globalisation and Long Wave Theory"

ENVIRONTECH: "Environmental Technology, Dynamic Enviromental Capabilities and Competitiveness"

Events related to this priority research area:

11th June 2007 (Seminar): "Bananas in Chains? Scaling the Australia-Philippines 'Banana War'" Details>>

2nd November 2006 (Conference): "Growth and Crisis, Social Structure of Accumulation Theory and Analysis" Details>>

27th March 2006 (Seminar): "Civil Society Activism and Markets Ethics: A Historical Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility" Details>>

20th March 2006 (Seminar): "Completing the PhD Thesis" Details>>

27th February 2006 (Seminar): "Why a Science and Technology Degree is Good for You" Details>>

17th February 2006 (Seminar): "Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory" Details>>

22nd November 2005 (Seminar): "Corporate social responsibility and competitiveness in the global banana industry" Details>>

15th November 2005 (Seminar): "A Look at Ireland's National Innovation System" Details>>

18th March 2005 (Seminar): "The determinants of technology adoption: Evidence from SMEs in Greece" Details>>

18th February 2005 (Seminar): "Creating and managing research databases via web interfaces: an introduction" Details>>

28th October 2004 (Seminar): "Quasi-Rationality, the Semantic Web and Irish Stock Markets" Details>>

21st October 2004 (Seminar): "Tools for Managing Ideas: the Mind Manager Software Package" Details>>

30th September 2004 (Seminar): "Human Resources for the Innovation Society: an Overview of Recent Data" Details>>

24th May 2004 (Conference): "Research and the Knowledge Based Society: Measuring the Link" Details>>

23rd January 2003 (Seminar): "Economic Growth in Ireland and the Labour Market" Details>>

8th November 2002 (Seminar): "Foreign Direct Investment and the Irish Economy" Details>>

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