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White, M.,'The Role of Dublin's International Financial Services Centre in Irish Regional Development', CISC Working Paper No. 3.

This paper examines the manner and extent to which the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in Dublin contributes to regional development in Ireland. Since its 1987 launch, the IFSC created over 10,000 jobs and promoted urban renewal in a previously derelict section of Dublin. Although it stands as one of Ireland most prominent development projects, empirical examination of the IFSC remains limited. This study looks specifically at issues such as the kinds of activities and employment created at the IFSC, as well as local linkage formation. Based on published data, a mail survey and corporate interviews, this paper argues that most international financial services activities remain contingent on cost-driven activities, and are attracted primarily by Ireland�s relatively favorable regulatory regime. These findings therefore raise several issues about the extent to which many IFSC can act a catalyst for long-term sustainable development.

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