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SusannaXin  Xu

Dr SusannaXin Xu

[email protected]

Room 341, J.E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy

+ 353 (0) 91 492847

Research interests: � Management of IS � Supply Chain Management � Electronic Commerce � Organisational Impacts � Cross-cultural Studies

Dr Susanna Xin Xu gained her doctorate in School of Management, University of Bath, United Kingdom (Centre for Information Management and Centre for Research into Strategic Purchasing and Supply) in 2006. Her doctoral work investigated the dynamics of formation and transformation of e-relationships of a new breed of Chinese enterprises with the rest of the world. It focused on social, cultural and organisational aspects of the development and use of Information Systems in such organisations. Previously she worked in the marketing department of IBM China for several years to develop relationships with business partners. She also holds a first degree in English of Foreign Affairs from Foreign Affairs College and a Bachelor of Administration & Management from Peking University, P.R. China

During her doctoral study, she was involved in several projects, such as: 1) the DTI/BT E-business for SME Supply Chains E-business project; 2) a project funded by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) to inform the CIPS�s review of current and prospective developments in purchasing and supply, and their implications for the profession and the role of the Institute, by providing a comprehensive and critical review of existing views and knowledge on these issues; and 3) a short term project sponsored by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and RPS Group aims to investigate the drivers that make people buy �green� and the factors that help businesses to deliver greener goods and services.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INTERORG: "The Role of Inter-organisational Sytems in Collaborative Networks" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Zheng, J., Caldwell, N., Harland, C. M., Powell, P., Woerndl, M., & Xu, S.X. 2004. Small firms and e-business: cautiousness, contingency and cost-benefit. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management

Book chapters:

Xu, S. X., & Nanhakumar, J. 2005. Managing E-relationships in a Supply Network. In Agrahari A. & Pani, A. K. (Eds.): e-Procurement in emerging economies: Theory and Cases, IDEA Publishing

Conference papers/presentations:

Caldwell, N., Zheng, J., Harland, C., Powell, P., Woerndl, M., & Xu, S.X. 2003a. SME Take Up of Ebusiness: Cautiousness, Contingency and Cost Benefits. Proceedings of the 12th Annual IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association) Conference, Budapest, Hungary

Caldwell, N., Zheng, J., Harland, C., Powell, P., Woerndl, M., & Xu, S.X. 2003b. Risk, B2B and 'commodification' effects in e-adoption in supply chains. Proceedings of the EUROMA POMS Conference 2003, Como Lake, Italy.

Xu, S. X. 2004. Emergence and Transformation of e-Supply Relationships in the Network Context. Proceedings of the 13th Annual IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association) Conference, Catania, Italy.

Xu, S. X., & nandhadumar. J., 2003a. E-Inter-organisational networks in a newly formed large Chinese enterprise. Proceedings of the 8th UK Academy for Information Systems annual conference, Warwick, UK

Xu, S. X., & Nandhakumar, J. 2003b. Transformation of e-inter-organisational relationships: a study of a newly formed Chinese enterprise. Proceedings of the 26th Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, haikko Manor, Finland

Xu, S. X., Harland, C. & Nandhakumar, J. 2004. The applications of ancient Chinese military strategy in a newly formed Chinese enterprise: The dynamics of e-supply relationships. Proceedings of the 20th International Marketing and Purchasing Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Xu, S. X., Nandhakumar, J. & Harland, C. 2005. Enacting E-relations with Ancient Chinese Military Stratagems. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems 2005, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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