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Don  Goldstein

Professor Don Goldstein
B.A. PhD

[email protected]

Don Goldstein is a Research Fellow at CISC, and a Fulbright Scholar, with the Dynamic Environmental Capabilities project led by Dr Rachel Hilliard. His residence during June-November 2005 is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland as part of its project support. Goldstein holds a Bachelors from Harvard College and a PhD from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He is on sabbatical leave from Allegheny College, where he is Professor of Economics, co-directs the Managerial Economics program, and heads the Strategic Environmental Management project at Allegheny�s Center for Economic and Environmental Development. Goldstein�s primary research is in processes of corporate change, including corporate �greening� and its links to management paradigms and national financial systems.

Research projects:

ENVIRONTECH: "Environmental Technology, Dynamic Enviromental Capabilities and Competitiveness" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Goldstein, D., Theoretical Perspectives on Strategic Environmental Management, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2002. Details >>

Reports, monographs, working papers etc:

Goldstein, D., Empirical Literature Review. Dynamic Environmental Capabilities Project, CISC, NUI-Galway, 2005. Details >>

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