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Paul  Ryan

Dr Paul Ryan

[email protected]

Department of Management, J. E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, NUI Galway

+ 353 (0) 91 492020

Dr Paul Ryan is a Lecturer in management studies at NUI, Galway and a project leader at the Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC). Prior to joining NUI, Galway Dr Ryan was a Lecturer in business administration at University College Dublin. He also spent two years as an investment analyst at L&D Investment Consultants, Hong Kong and as a management consultant at Dew-Point International, Hong Kong. He completed his PhD at the Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge and his Master of Business Studies, Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin, graduating with first class honours. He was awarded a UK Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) PhD Scholarship. He supervises four doctoral students currently and previously was academic programme director of the MBA and MBS in Corporate Strategy at NUI Galway.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INDU: "Industry Clustering and Regional Competitive Advantage" (Project Leader) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Green, R.; Giblin, M.; Ryan, P. and Moroney, M. "Innovation in the Irish Sector: Economy, Culture and Communication." Trends in Communication: Regional Clusters in ICT, 2002, 10, pp. 89-113.

Martinez-Solano, L. and Ryan, P. "FDI Impact on Less Developed Countries: Diverse Lessons from Ireland & Mexico." 2003.

Ryan, P., "Business-to-Business Relations from the Periphery of an Industrial Market: Difficulties and Opportunities." Small Firms Association, 8:3 2002

Ryan, P., Giblin, M., & Walshe, E., "From subcontracted R&D to joint collaboration: the role of trust in facilitating this process" International journal of Innovation and Technology Management, vol. 1, no. 2 pp. 205-231 2004

Ryan, P.; Dundon, T. and Harvey, N. "A Study of Conditions in the Irish Hotel and Transport Sectors," European Foundation for Working & Living Conditions, 2003.

Ryan, P.; Giblin, M. and Green, R. "Industrial Clusters - the Role of Organisations and Institutions," Innovation and the Knowledge Economy. Playford Publication, 2003, 309-32.

Book chapters:

Ryan, P., Giblin, M. and Green, R. "Industrial Clusters The Role of organisations and Institutions", in Innovation and the Knowledge Economy, eds Genoff, R. and Sheather, G.; Adelaide: Playford Publication, pp 309-332, 2003

CISC Working papers:

Dundon, T., Curran, D., Maloney, M., & Ryan, P., 'Organisational Change and Employee Information and Consultation', CISC Working Paper No. 12, Details >>

Conference papers/presentations:

Curran, D., Dundon, T., Maloney M., & Ryan, P.,"Employee Information and Consultation: The Rising of a 'New' Collectivist Dawn"?, paper presented to the 18th Annual Employment Research Conference, Cardiff Business School, 10th-11th September 2003

Dundon, T., & Ryan, P., "Organisational Change, Employment Regulation and Participation: The European Information and Consultation Directive", Paper presented to Colloquium on the Workplace of the Future: Perspectives from the European Union and Canada, Bishop's University, Quebec, Canada, 27-28th May 2004

Dundon, T., Curran, D., Ryan, P., & Maloney, M., 'Conceptualising the dynamics of employee information and consultation: evidence from the Republic of Ireland' Workshop on Consultation and non-union employee representation in the European workplace, London School of Economics (LSE), 17th of March 2005

Dundon, T.; Curran, D.; Ryan, P. and Maloney, M. "Employee Information and Consultation in a Changing Economy," IV International HRM Workshop. Cadiz, Spain, 2003.

Fahy, J., & Ryan, P., "Individualisation and the global marketplace" IAM ConferenceSchool of Business, Trinity College, September 2004 Oral Presentation National

Giblin, M., Ryan P., Moroney, M., "Strategic business networks in industrial clusters", EUNIP Conference, 18th-20th September 2003, Porto, Portugal.

Giblin, M., Ryan, P., & Walshe, E., "From vertical R&D outsourcing to joint collaboration: the role of trust in facilitating this process" IAM Conference 2003 - Management Theories and Practices in the 21st Century: Time for Reflection?, 2nd-3rd September 2003, Smurfit Business School, UCD.

Ryan, P. and Martinez-Solano, L. "FDI Impact on Emerging Economies and Technology Embeddedness: Contrasting Lessons from Ireland and Mexico," Strategic Management Society Conference. Hong Kong, 2003.

Ryan, P. and Moroney, M. "Industrial Clusters: The Role of Organisations and Institutions," SEGRA Conference - Innovation in Europe: Dynamics, Institutions and Values. Roskilde University, Denmark, 2003.

Ryan, P. and Walshe, E. "Horizontal Research Collaborations: The Role of Trust in Facilitating Cooperation," Irish Academy of Management Conference 2003 - Management Theories and Practices in the 21st Century: Time for Reflection:. Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin, 2003.

Walshe, E., Giblin, M., Ryan, P., 'R&D Outsourcing: a growth strategy for the SME as a vendor company' EUNIP 2004 Conference, December 2004

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