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Seamus  Grimes

Professor Seamus Grimes
B.A., M.A., PhD

[email protected]

Geography Department, NUI Galway

+ 353 (0) 91 492636

Research interests: Technology and development, Internationally-traded services, MNC evolution

Seamus Grimes is a graduate of University College Dublin, University of Ulster and the University of New South Wales, where he completed his PhD in geography. He returned to NUI, Galway in 1980 and has been teaching in the geography department. Since the early 1990s Professor Grimes has published widely on topics related to information technology and regional/rural development. More recently his research has focused on the technology sector in Ireland and the emergence of internationally traded services. Among the journals in which his papers have appeared are: Regional Studies, Environment and Planning A, Geoforum, European Planning Studies and Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. In addition to his work on technology-related development issues, he has also developed a deep interest in the philosophy of the social sciences.

Research projects:

PRTLI_ITSREG: "The Potential for Regionalising Internationally Traded Services" (Project Leader) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Grimes, S and White, M., The transition to internationally traded services in Ireland�s emergence as a �successful� European region, Environment and Planning A, 2005, 37, 2169-2188

Grimes, S. "Information Society Technology Programmes, Structural Funds and European Cohesion: The Case of Ireland, in Riukulehto, S. (Ed)," New Technologies and Regional Development. University of Helsinki Seinajoki Institute for Rural Research and Training, Finland, 2003, 15-32.

Grimes, S. (2005) How well are Europe�s rural businesses connected to the digital economy? European Planning Studies, 13(7), 1063-1081

Grimes, S. 2003a. "The digital economy challenge facing peripheral rural areas." Progress in Human Geography, 27:2, pp. 174-94.

Grimes, S. 2003b. "Ireland's emerging information economy: recent trends and future prospects." Regional Studies, 37:1, pp. 3-14.

Grimes, S. and Collins, P. "Building a Knowledge Economy in Ireland through European Research Networks." European Planning Studies, 2003, 11(4), pp. 395-413.

Grimes, S. and Collins, P. "The Role of Telematics in Integrating Ireland into Europe's Information Society." European Planning Studies, 2002, 10(8), pp. 971-86.

Grimes, S. and White, M. "Globalising the Periphery: Ireland's Emergence as a 'Successful' European Region'." Environment & Planning A, entitled 'In Celebration of the Ordinary Region', 2003.

Grimes, S., Ireland�s emergence as a centre for internationally traded services, Regional Studies, 2006, 40(9), 1041-1054

Roper, S. and Grimes, S., Wireless Valley, Silicon Wadi and Digital Island � Helsinki, Tel Aviv and Dublin and the ICT global production network, Geoforum, 36, November 2005, 297-313

Book chapters:

Grimes, S. "Information economy activity in Galway City and region. In McDonagh, J. (ed)." Economy, Society and Peripherality - experiences from the West region of Ireland, Arlen House, Galway, pp. 199-214.

Grimes, S., 'Geography in Ireland - a response to Rob Kitchin', Irish Geography, 2005, 135-137

White, M., Grimes, S., 'Placing Ireland's transition to a knowledge economy within a global context' In Cooke, P., and Piccaluga, A., (eds) Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories, Edward Algar Publishers, 2004, 161-180

CISC Working papers:

Hoechtberger, K.; White, M. and Grimes, S. 'The Evolution of Multinational Computer Services Affiliates in Ireland,' CISC Working Paper No. 13 Details >>

Hoechtberger, K.; Zademach, H.-M. and Grimes, S., : 'Aspiring Affiliates, Global Project Networks and Local Embeddedness: Evidence from Bangalore, India'. CISC Working Paper No. 7., Galway 2003 Details >>

Conference papers/presentations:

Collins, P. and Grimes, S. "The evolution of transnational technology subsidiaries in Ireland" Regional Studies Association, NUI, Galway, 15 April 2005.

Collins, P. and Grimes, S. "The role of transnational subsidiaries in Ireland�s technology sector", Conference of Irish Geographers, NUI, Galway, 6-8 May 2005.

Grimes, S and M. White, �Globalising the periphery: Ireland�s emergence as a �successful� European region, Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference, London, 3-5 September, 2003

Grimes, S. "Information and Communication Technologies and Rural Peripherality," Changing Aspects: ICT Supported Development in Rural Areas, South West Regional Authority. Cork, 54-57.

Grimes, S., Ireland's emergence as a centre for internationally traded services Regional Science Association International (British & Irish Section) 34th Annual Conference, University College Cork, 18-20 August 2004

Grimes, S., Multiple paths up the value-chain? Corporate influence and services-led development in Ireland International Geographical Union Commission on the Dynamics of Economic Spaces 2004 Residential Conference, University of Birmingham, 10-13 August, 2004

Grimes, S., 'The role of internationally traded services in integrating Ireland into the global economy'. Invited Lecturer. Mary Immaculate College/University of Limerick, Department of Geograhy, 3rd December 2003

Grimes, S., Betwixt and Between: Ireland's role in servicing TNC markets in the EMEA region, XVth International RESER Conference, 22-24 September, 2005, Granada, Spain

Grimes, S., Invited to give keynote address on �The emerging information economy in Ireland� to 5th Conference on Regional Development in Seinajoki �New Technologies and Regional Development�, Seinajoki, Finland, November 8-9, 2002

Roper, S and Grimes, S., Local advantages and global presence: a comparative analysis of the ICT sectors in Ireland, Finland and Israel, European Regional Science Association 2003 Congress, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, August, 2003

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