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Roy  Green

Professor Roy Green
B.A. PhD

[email protected]

Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University, NSW 2109

Research interests: Science, technology and innovation policy

Professor Roy Green is Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Professor of Management at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he was also foundation Director of the Centre for Innovation & Structural Change (CISC). He has a BA and LLB from the University of Adelaide and a PhD in economics from the University of Cambridge, where he was a Research Fellow during the 1980s. Professor Green has since worked in universities and government in Australia, the UK and Ireland. He served as Director of the Employment Studies Centre (ESC) at the University of Newcastle, NSW, in the 1990s. He has published widely in the areas of innovation, economic policy and workplace and industry analysis. He has also served on public bodies and undertaken projects with industry and organisations such as the OECD, EU and Enterprise Ireland. He is currently chair of an inquiry for the National Centre for Partnership & Performance (NCPP) ?Forum on the Workplace of the Future?, and a member of Enterprise Ireland?s National Research Funding Support Board, the Economic & Social Research Institute (ESRI) Forum and the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS).

Research projects:

PRTLI_INNOVSYS: "Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation" (Participant) Details>>

PRTLI_INDU: "Industry Clustering and Regional Competitive Advantage" (Participant) Details>>

PRTLI_HPWS: "High Performance Work Systems in Ireland" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Green, R., 'Structural Reform and labour markets in Europe: The case of Ireland' G Szell, C Bosling & J Hartkemeyere (eds), Labour Globalisation and the New Economy, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2005

Green, R., Burgess, J., & Connell, J., 'The temporary work sector in Australia and Irleand: Modest, growing and under-recorded' Economic & Labour Relations Review, 15/2 January 2005

Green, R.; Giblin, M.; Ryan, P. and Moroney, M. "Innovation in the Irish Sector: Economy, Culture and Communication." Trends in Communication: Regional Clusters in ICT, 2002, 10, pp. 89-113.

Ryan, P.; Giblin, M. and Green, R. "Industrial Clusters - the Role of Organisations and Institutions," Innovation and the Knowledge Economy. Playford Publication, 2003, 309-32.

Book chapters:

Cunningham, J., Green, R., Duggan, I., Giblin, M., Moroney, M., and Smith, L., Boundaryless Clusters: Information and Communication Technology in Ireland, OECD, Paris, Chapter 3, pp 47-64 2001

Ryan, P., Giblin, M. and Green, R. "Industrial Clusters The Role of organisations and Institutions", in Innovation and the Knowledge Economy, eds Genoff, R. and Sheather, G.; Adelaide: Playford Publication, pp 309-332, 2003

Conference papers/presentations:

Cunningham, J., Green, R., Duggan, I., Giblin, M., Moroney, M., and Smyth, L., Boundaryless Clusters: Information and Communication Technology in Ireland, Irish Academy of Management, University of Ulster 2001

Green, R., & Fahy, J., �Regional Innovation Systems and Public Policy�, International Conference on �The Role of Government in Regional Economic Development�,University of Vigo, Spain, September 2005.

Green, R., Curran, D., 'Assessing the likely impact of the information and consultation regulations on employee voice in the Irish workplace' Irish Academy of Management, GMIT, Galway, September 2005

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