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Michael  Cuddy

Professor Michael Cuddy

[email protected]

Room 227, Economics Department, J. E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, NUI Galway

+ 353 (0) 91 492588

Research interests: Rural and regional development, transition economies, globalisation.

Professor Michael Cuddy studied at NUI Galway, at NUI Dublin, and at North Carolina State University for his undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees, respectively. He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Aix-en-Provence, Rennes, Bonn and Arizona. Professor Cuddy's research has been mainly in the fields of regional and rural development, agricultural economics and transition economics. He has published over 80 works, including 13 monographs and 35 articles in professional journals, book chapters and research reports. He has published, inter alia, in The Economic and Social Review, Irish Journal of Agricultural and Rural Sociology, Social Studies, The European Review of Agricultural Economics, The Journal of Economic Development, The Journal of International Economics, and The International Statistical Review. His current research addresses the problems of rural and regional development in market and non-market economies in the context of globalised markets and effective institutional structures in support of market economies. Current project funding is under the European Union Fourth Framework INCO Programme (addressing development issues in rural China and Thailand) and the EU Fifth Framework programme: Strategy for Integrated Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in Central and Eastern European countries. Professor Cuddy has worked as an economic adviser and consultant for all of the ministries and agencies in Ireland with responsibility in regional, rural and local development. He has worked for numerous international agencies and institutions including the EU Commission (various Directorates), the EU Social and Economic Committee and European Parliament, the World Bank, the United Nations and OECD. In addition to EU countries, he has worked in most of the republics of the former Soviet Union and the Central European countries.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INNOVSYS: "Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation" (Project Leader) Details>>

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