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Dimitrios  Pontikakis

Dr Dimitrios Pontikakis
B.A., PhD

[email protected]

Room 340, Second Floor, J. E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy, NUI Galway

+353 (0) 91 492848

Research interests: technology diffusion, innovation systems, industrial economics, labour economics

Dr Pontikakis holds a B.A. [Hons] in Politics and Economics (2001) and a Ph.D. in Economics (2005) from the Newcastle Business School, University of Northumbria. His main research interests revolve around the broad area of the economics of technology, approaching the subject from an industrial, labour and political economy perspective. He is currently working on a PRTLI-funded project on Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation. Other concurrent work includes the development of complementary innovation statistics for Ireland and the exploration of web applications for the collection, archival and analysis of individual-level data.

Dr Pontikakis' doctoral work examined technology diffusion in Greek small- and medium- sized enterprises using discrete choice modelling. He has also worked on a technological analysis of the Greek economy, the technology transfer activities of multinational enterprises as well as on the development of a diffusion-centred typology of technology. In the past Dr Pontikakis lectured at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has also acted as referee for Applied Economics and the Journal of Information Economics and Policy.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INNOVSYS: "Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:


Pontikakis, D., (2006) Technology Diffusion in Industry, Cambridge Scholars Press, Cambridge. (forthcoming) Details >>

Journal articles:

Collins, P. and Pontikakis, D. (2006), �Innovation systems in the European periphery: the policy approaches of Ireland and Greece�, Science and Public Policy, Volume 33, Number 10, December, pp. 757-769

Pontikakis, D., Lin, Y., and Demirbas, D., 2006 "History Matters in Greece: The adoption of internet-enabled computers by small and medium sized enterprises" Information Economics and Policy, Vol. 18, Issue 3, September 2006, pp. 332-358

Pontikakis, D., McDonnell, T. and Geoghegan, W., "Ireland�s National Innovation System: An Exploratory Study of Supporting Institutions and Dynamic Actors", Prometheus, March 2006, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 37-58

CISC Working papers:

Pontikakis, D., McDonnell, T., & Geoghegan, W., Ireland's National Innovation System: An Exploratory Study of Supporting Institutions and Dynamic Actors. CISC Working Paper No. 17, July 2005 Details >>

Pontikakis, D., McDonnell, T., Geoghegan, W., 'Conceptualising a National Innovation System: Actor Roles and Incentives' CISC Working Paper No. 16, May 2005 Details >>

Pontikakis, D., Measuring Stocks and Flows of Human Resources for Science and Technology (HRST); A Survey of Methods, CISC Working Paper No. 18, September 2005 Details >>

Conference papers/presentations:

Collins, P. and Pontikakis, D. (2006), "Innovation Systems in the European Periphery: the case of Ireland and Greece", Regional Studies Association International Conference: Shaping EU Regional Policy: Economic Social and Political Pressures, Leuven, Belgium, June 8-9

Collins, P., & Pontikakis, D., 2007 'Political Leadership and Economic Ideas during the interwar period; the cases of Greece and Ireland. Presented to Economic Leadership in Small Countries: Lessons from teh Twentieth Century Experience. Athens, 13-14 July 2007 Details >>

Pontikakis, D. (2006), "The Skills Bias Hypothesis: Is a Science and Technology Degree Good for You?", Work Pensions and labour Economics Study Group Annual Conference, Department for Work and Pensions, University of Kent, July 10-12 Details >>

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