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Patrick  Collins

Dr Patrick Collins
B.A., M.A., PhD

[email protected]

Room 339, Second Floor, J. E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy, NUI Galway

+ 353 (0) 91 493326

Research interests: Information Age Development, Regional Development, Information Society, Irish Technology Industry

Patrick Collins graduated from NUI, Galway with a BA in Geography and Economics and a MA in Applied Economics. He spent a year as a Research Associate on work commissioned by the European Commission, DGIII-F 1 (Industry RTD: Information Technologies) under the COHEN project (1998-2000). During the course of this work he focused on evaluating Ireland's performance in two EU programmes called ESPRIT and TELEMATICS. In 2004 Patrick recieved his PhD from the University of Hull (UK), this work focused on regional development in Ireland with a particular focus on the software industry there. Particular areas of interest are socio-economic embeddedness of MNC's in Ireland and their contributions to the local economy as well as the thickness of Irish institutions dealing with local and foreign industries. His work also attempted to ground 'fuzzy concepts' in geography through the use of case studies and quantifiable techniques enabling a better understanding of key areas of interest concerning the information-driven economy. Patrick has extensive experience in teaching undergraduage Economics and all areas of Human Geography with a particular focus on Economic Geography.

Research projects:

PRTLI_ITSREG: "The Potential for Regionalising Internationally Traded Services" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Collins, P. "Information Age Ireland: the attraction, the reality and never ending geography" European Planning Studies March 2007

Collins, P. and Pontikakis, D. (2006), �Innovation systems in the European periphery: the policy approaches of Ireland and Greece�, Science and Public Policy, Volume 33, Number 10, December, pp. 757-769

Grimes, S. and Collins, P. "Building a Knowledge Economy in Ireland through European Research Networks." European Planning Studies, 2003, 11(4), pp. 395-413.

Grimes, S. and Collins, P. "The Role of Telematics in Integrating Ireland into Europe's Information Society." European Planning Studies, 2002, 10(8), pp. 971-86.

Conference papers/presentations:

Collins P., 2007 �How effective has industrial policy been in the Irish technology sector� EUNIP Annual Conference, University of Limerick 19th � 22nd July

Collins, P. "Regional Policy in the Information Age: differentiating information economy from information society at the regional level" Alternative Economic Spaces: New Political Stories, Hull (UK) July 11 - 13 2005.

Collins, P. and Grimes, S. "The evolution of transnational technology subsidiaries in Ireland" Regional Studies Association, NUI, Galway, 15 April 2005.

Collins, P. and Grimes, S. "The role of transnational subsidiaries in Ireland�s technology sector", Conference of Irish Geographers, NUI, Galway, 6-8 May 2005.

Collins, P. and Pontikakis, D. (2006), "Innovation Systems in the European Periphery: the case of Ireland and Greece", Regional Studies Association International Conference: Shaping EU Regional Policy: Economic Social and Political Pressures, Leuven, Belgium, June 8-9

Collins, P., & Pontikakis D., 2007 �Between Boston and Brussels: Where allegiances on the European Periphery lie� with Pontikakis, D. European Regional Science Association. Volos, Greece, August 2007

Collins, P., & Pontikakis, D., 2007 'Political Leadership and Economic Ideas during the interwar period; the cases of Greece and Ireland. Presented to Economic Leadership in Small Countries: Lessons from teh Twentieth Century Experience. Athens, 13-14 July 2007 Details >>

Collins, P., 'Defining Ireland in the Information Age: Social and Economic Aspects of IT growth' Regional Science Association, Stratford-upon-Avon, August 16th 2005

Collins, P., 'The Information Society or Economy' Invited Presentation given to NIRSA, in NUI Maynooth, November 15th 2005

Collins, P., 'Which way is up? The value of foreign owned MNCs to Ireland' Regional Science Association, Stratford-upon-Avon, August 17th 2005

Collins, P., 2007 'Culture and Creativity: A case study from the West of Ireland'. Conference of Irish Geographers, St Patrick�s Drumcondra, May 12th 2007

Collins, P., 2007 �Governing an Island of regions: Policy approaches to uneven spatial development in Ireland� EUNIP Annual Conference, University of Limerick 19th � 22nd July 2007

Collins, P., 2007 �Ireland�s FDI success story� Dusquense University PA. May 2007

Collins, P., 2007 �Ireland�s foreign owned technology sector: A new form of embeddedness?� Conference of Irish Geographers, St Patrick�s Drumcondra, May 13th 2007

Collins, P., 2007 �The outsourcing experience: evolution of MNC affiliates in Ireland� invited presentation given to the MBA Association of Ireland, April 6th 2007

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