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Murray  Scott

Murray Scott
Murray Scott

[email protected]

Accountancy & Finance Department, J. E. Cairnes Graduate School of Business and Public Policy, NUI Galway

+ 353 (0) 91 495286

Murray Scott joins CISC as a recipient of a Ph.D. Studentship in the Inter-Organizational Systems priority research area at CISC. Murray completed a Masters in Commerce (by research) at NUI Galway which examines the strategic formation and implementation of electronic-government in Ireland. Murray was awarded a B.A and M.A from the University of Dundee and subsequently the Higher Diploma in Systems Analysis from NUI Galway in 2000. He has been actively pursuing research in Information Systems at NUI Galway since 2001.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INTERORG: "The Role of Inter-organisational Sytems in Collaborative Networks" (Participant) Details>>

Publications, presentations etc.:

Journal articles:

Golden, W.; Hughes, M. and Scott, M. "Implementing E-Government in Ireland: A Roadmap for Success." Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organisations, 2003, 1(4), pp. 17-33.

Hughes, M., Scott, M., & Golden, W., 'The Role of Business Process Redesign in creating E-Government in Ireland' Vol 11 no. 16, Business Process Management Journal, May 2005

Scott, M.; Golden, W. and Hughes, M. "Cyber Retailing: Lessons Learnt from Irelands Top 25 Retailers." Irish Marketing Review, 2003, 16(1), pp. 15-24.

Book chapters:

Golden, W., Hughes, M., & Scott, M., 'E-Government Evolution in Ireland: A Framework for Successful Implementation' Advanced Topics in Electronic Commerce (Book Chapter), May 2005

Ramirez, P., Scott, M., & Golden, W., 'Innovation and the Information Society: Policy Coherence and Governance in Ireland' OECD book chapter in: MONIT vol 2 Co-ordination of Innovation Policies, Lessons from Case Studies, April 2005

Scott, M., Hill, S., Acton, T., & Hughes, M., 'Biometric identies and e-government services' Encyclopedia of E-Commerce, E-Government and Mobile Commerce, May 2005

CISC Working papers:

Murray, Scott., Golden, W., Hughes, M., 'The Implementation of Citizen-Centred E-Government: A Stakeholder Viewpoint' CISC Working Paper No. 10 Details >>

Reports, monographs, working papers etc:

Ramirez, P., Scott, M., & Golden, W., Innovation and the Information Society: A study of Policy Coherence and Governance in Ireland Report submitted to the OECD MONIT network

Conference papers/presentations:

Acton, T., Scott., M., 'E-Education - Keys to success for Organisations' 18th Bled eConference eIntegratin in Action Bled, Slovenia

Acton, T.; Golden, W. and Scott, M. "Training the Knowledge Worker: A Descriptive Study of Training Practices in Irish Software Companies," 5th Irish Academy of Management Conference. Waterford Institute of Technology, 2002, 172-73.

Golden, W.; Hughes, M.; Scott, M. and Conway, F. "Satellite Ireland: An Investigation of the Outcomes from a Government Sponsored Broadband Trial," R. Wigand, Y.-H. Tan, J. Gricar, A. Pucihar and T. Lunar, 16th Bled eCommerce Conference. Bled, Slovenia, 2003, 383-92.

Hill, S., Scott, M., 'Intranet Redesign: Management and Employee Perspectives on Usability, 18th Bled eConference eIntegration in Action Bled, Slovenia

Hughes, M., Golden, W., and Scott, M., "The Role of Process Evolution in Achieving Citizen Centred e-Government" The 8th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Tampa, FL., USA, 4th - 6th August 2003

Hughes, M.; Golden, W. and Scott, M. "Connecting the Citizen: The Case of the Irish Governments Online Service Provision," 2nd European Conference on Electronic Government. Oxford, UK, 2002, 201-15.

Hughes, M.; Golden, W. and Scott, M. "E-Tailing in Ireland: A Review of Ireland's Top 25 Retailers," 5th Irish Academy of Management Conference. Waterford, Ireland, 2002, 50-51.

Scott, M., Golden, W., et al. A Click and Bricks Strategy for E-Government 17th Bled eCommerce Conference, Bled, Slovenia 2004

Scott, M., Golden, W., et al. Implementation Strategies for E-Government: A Stakeholder Analysis Approach 12th European Conference on Information Systems, Turku, Finland 2004

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