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Bettina  Kroneck

Bettina Kroneck
Law Graduate, M.Econ.Sc.

[email protected]

Bettina Kroneck joined CISC in September 2003 as a recipient of a Ph.D. Studentship in the research area ?Systems of Innovation? at NUI Galway. She completed her study of Law at the Universities of Hamburg and Heidelberg (Germany) in 1999, and proceeded to study Economics. In 2001 and 2002 she was awarded Scholarships from the Universities of Goettingen and Galway and finished her study of an M.Econ.Sc. in Economic Policy Evaluation and Planning at NUI Galway in August 2003. She has previously worked as a research assistant in the IDARI project (Integrated Development of Agricultural and Rural Institutions in CEEC) funded by the EU Quality of Life Programme (5th Framework). Bettina Kroneck is now continuing her research, analysing the role of human capital mobility with respect to the theories of innovation and concepts of innovation systems. Specified fields of interest are the absorptive capacity of the Irish Research and Innovation System and the Scientific Labour Market Mobility between Academia and Industry.

Research projects:

PRTLI_INNOVSYS: "Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation" (Participant) Details>>

IRCSET_CISC: "The supply and demand of doctoral scientists and engineers in Ireland and consequences for funding" (Participant) Details>>

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