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The Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, NUI Galway will host a Public Engagement with Science Conference

Thursday 24th May 2007

By Invitation Only

This first national conference on Public Engagement with Science will draw together a select group of stakeholders, including Forfás Discover Science and Engineering; SFI, Science Foundation of Ireland; TREO, Third Level Research education and Outreach members for science communication; American Chamber of Commerce; IBEC, Irish Business and Employers Confederation; W5, Belfast; and Science Shop, Queens University Belfast, among others.

Science outreach and communication is an emerging area in Ireland, with a grass-roots investment of �50 million since 2002. The aim of the conference is to provide the first national forum for all science outreach providers, and to mobilise them to improve the design, management, and evaluation of the programmes they offer. We will follow up the conference with a large-scale national survey of science engagement, and the creation of a research unit.

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