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Previous CISC Events:

24th May 2007 (Conference):
Public Engagement with Science Conference

7th November 2006 (Other):
From Science to Growth: Where and How Technology Transfer Fits
(Stephen Allott, MA (Cantab.))

2nd November 2006 (Conference):
Growth and Crisis, Social Structure of Accumulation Theory and Analysis
(Various speakers)

28th September 2006 (Seminar):
"Universities, Innovation, and the Competitiveness of local Economies
(Professor Richard Lester)

28th September 2006 (Other):
Innovation - The Hidden Dimension
(Professor Richard Lester)

28th June 2006 (Conference):
British Universities Industrial Relations Association
(Various Speakers)

7th June 2006 (Conference):
IFIP 8.6 Conference: The Transfer and Diffusion of IT for Organizational Resilience
(Various Speakers)

10th April 2006 (Seminar):
Strategic Leveraging of Power by Foreign-Owned Affilates in Ireland
(Dr. Patrick Collins)

3rd April 2006 (Seminar):
The Rise (and Rise) Of The Work-Life Issue: What We Know And Why We Need A Broader View
(Professor Paul Blyton)

27th March 2006 (Seminar):
Civil Society Activism and Markets Ethics: A Historical Overview of Corporate Social Responsibility
(Maria Alejandra Gonzalez & Emlyn Nardone)

20th March 2006 (Seminar):
Completing the PhD Thesis
(Dr. Terrence McDonough)

13th March 2006 (Seminar):
The Relationship between IT Capabilities and Strategic Applications of Human Resource Information Technology
(Ralf Burbach & Tony Dundon)

6th March 2006 (Other):
CISC Reading Group
(Various Speakers)

27th February 2006 (Seminar):
Why a Science and Technology Degree is Good for You
(Dr. Dimitrios Pontikakis)

20th February 2006 (Seminar):
Regional Innovation Systems and Public Policy
(Johanna Fahy)

17th February 2006 (Seminar):
Qualitative Research Methods: An Introduction to the Use of Grounded Theory
(Dr. Stefanie Reissner)

22nd November 2005 (Seminar):
Corporate social responsibility and competitiveness in the global banana industry
(Maria Alejandra Gonzalez & Terrence McDonough)

15th November 2005 (Seminar):
A Look at Ireland's National Innovation System
(Dimitrios Pontikakis, Thomas McDonnell, Will Geoghegan)

9th November 2005 (Seminar):
Does it pay to be green? Modelling performance in the presence of complementary capabilities
(Don Goldstein, Rachel Hilliard)

4th November 2005 (Seminar):
Innovation and regional development
(Professor Ed Bergman)

25th October 2005 (Seminar):
Globalisation of services: trade, foreign direct investment and regional development
(Konstanze Hoechtberger)

18th October 2005 (Seminar):
Knowledge exchange in electronic networks of practice
(Eoin Whelan)

11th October 2005 (Seminar):
Inter-Organisational systems; Knowledge and performance in formal teams
(Eoin Higgins)

15th April 2005 (Seminar):
Rethinking the nature of worker representation in the UK
(Professor William Brown)

4th April 2005 (Seminar):
The James Connolly Annual Lecture
(John Monks)

20th March 2005 (Workshop):
Workshop in Computable Economics
(Professor Duncan Foley, Professor Jorma Rissanen, Professor Francisco Antonio Doria, Dr. Sheri M. Markose, Professor Joe McCauley, Professor Stefano Zambelli)

18th March 2005 (Seminar):
The determinants of technology adoption: Evidence from SMEs in Greece
(Dimitrios Pontikakis)

11th March 2005 (Seminar):
Policy approaches to developing the region in the information age: Evidence from Ireland and Europe
(Patrick Collins)

25th February 2005 (Seminar):
The Role of Knowledge Intensive Service Activities in Building the Innovative Capacity of the Irish Software Sector
(Majella Giblin & Edel Walshe)

18th February 2005 (Seminar):
Creating and managing research databases via web interfaces: an introduction

11th February 2005 (Seminar):
Varieties of Americanness? The Management of Industrial relations in US Multinational Subsidiaries in Ireland
(Professor Paddy Gunnigle)

24th January 2005 (Workshop):
Research Funding Opportunities
(Maura Hiney, NUI Galway, Mr. Paul O'Reilly, Dublin Institute of Technology, Mr. Roy Palmer, Enterprise Ireland, Dr. Conor O'Carroll, Conference of Heads of Irish Universities )

11th November 2004 (Seminar):
Innovation policy governance in Ireland: the problem of coherence in an emerging national innovation system.
(Rachel Hilliard)

4th November 2004 (Seminar):
Open Source: A New Model of Innovation?
(Will Geoghegan)

28th October 2004 (Seminar):
The Evolution of Multinational Computer Services Affiliates in Ireland
(Konstanze Hoechtberger)

28th October 2004 (Seminar):
Quasi-Rationality, the Semantic Web and Irish Stock Markets
(Patrick R. Gillespie)

21st October 2004 (Seminar):
University Technology Transfer and Commercialisation of Research: Some Evidence from International Best Practice
(Brian Harney)

21st October 2004 (Seminar):
Tools for Managing Ideas: the Mind Manager Software Package
(Stephen Kinsella)

14th October 2004 (Seminar):
Innovation and the Information Society: a Study of Policy Coherence and Governance in Ireland
(Paulina Ramirez)

7th October 2004 (Seminar):
Ireland's Emergence as a Centre for Internationally Traded Services
(Seamus Grimes)

30th September 2004 (Seminar):
Human Resources for the Innovation Society: an Overview of Recent Data
(Dr. )

24th May 2004 (Conference):
Research and the Knowledge Based Society: Measuring the Link
(Hosted by ICTSI, Forfás and CISC)

19th May 2004 (Workshop):
eBusiness Enablement for Irish SMEs
(Various Speakers)

24th January 2004 (Seminar):
The Irish Software Industry
(Professor Sean O'Riain)

25th July 2003 (Seminar):
Geography of Production Linkages in the Irish and Scottish Microcomputer Hardware Industry: The Role of Logistics
(Dr. Chris Van Egeraat)

24th June 2003 (Conference):
CollECTeR Conference on eCommerce
(Various Speakers)

7th March 2003 (Conference):
Implementing the European Information and Consultation Directive
(Various Speakers )

6th February 2003 (Seminar):
Clusters and Cluster Policy - Regional Development, Universities and Strategies for Cluster Promotion
(Professor David Charles)

23rd January 2003 (Seminar):
Economic Growth in Ireland and the Labour Market
(Professor John Fitz Gerald )

21st November 2002 (Seminar):
Sustaining the People Management and Performance Link
(Professor John Purcell )

8th November 2002 (Seminar):
Foreign Direct Investment and the Irish Economy
(Dr Frank Barry)

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