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Why a Science and Technology Degree is Good for You

Dr. Dimitrios Pontikakis
CISC - 1 Conceptualising, Modelling and Evaluating Systems of Innovation

Monday 27th February 2006

Room 005, Below Ground Floor, Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy

The human resource needs of the �information society� call for ever
greater numbers of science and technology (S&T) graduates, in line with
current expectations for continuing growth in Ireland�s
innovation-intensive sectors. Whereas the /social/ benefits from a
numerous S&T workforce in Ireland have been researched extensively, the
assumption that S&T degrees posses strong merits for /individuals/, has
yet to be tested empirically. The present paper presents the
professional and pecuniary merits of science and technology education in
Ireland using data from the Higher Education Authority�s (HEA) �First
Destinations of Award Recipients� annual survey. Analysis of
individual-level data shows that in terms of the number of professional
options available after graduation and initial earnings, a S&T degree is
truly good for you.

Priority Research Area: Innovation Systems

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