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The Rise (and Rise) Of The Work-Life Issue: What We Know And Why We Need A Broader View

Professor Paul Blyton
Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University

Monday 3rd April 2006

Room 005, Below Ground Floor, Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy

All Welcome

While work-life balance has arisen periodically as an issue in economic development, a coincidence of several factors is giving the work-life issue particular significance at the present time. A variety of responses by individuals, organisations and states are evident. However, in key respects these can be seen to be largely responses to only one aspect of the work-life balance �problem�� how to juggle more effectively existing work and non-work roles. Drawing on role conflict theory, the seminar will open up for discussion other aspects of the work-life question that require different types of response from individuals, employers and public policy-makers.

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Priority Research Area: High Performance Work Systems

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