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Creating and managing research databases via web interfaces: an introduction

CISC and Department of Economics, NUI Galway

Friday 18th February 2005

BIS Room 2, Corrib Building, St. Anthonys

This one-hour seminar will introduce a number of tools for creating, managing and querying databases constructed as part of research, particularly, but not confined to, business, social science and humanities disciplines. The tools concerned are software languages/packages which are particularly good for enabling the manipulation of databases via a web interface, which may facilitate collaborative work in constructing databases. They also permit the dissemination of databases on the web, via an interface whereby users can query the data easily, rather than simply downloading full data-sets. The focus will be on software based on the mySQL and PHP programming languages. The presentation is not intended as a heavily technical one, but aimed at the beginning user. CISC is experimenting with providing some related software packages on a special server, and this will be demonstrated at the presentation.

Priority Research Area: Innovation Systems

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