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The determinants of technology adoption: Evidence from SMEs in Greece

Dimitrios Pontikakis
Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, NUI Galway

Friday 18th March 2005

BIS Room 2, Ground Floor, Corrib Building, St. Anthonys

All Welcome

Traditionally the economics of technology have focused on the importance of the generation of new innovations for economic growth and development.

However, new technologies translate into events of economic significance only after they have been adopted and used by economic agents.

The seminar will look into the broad analytical framework employed by economists to explain the diffusion of specific technologies among a population. The specific determinants of diffusion/adoption will be outlined along with the main methodological approaches to modelling.

The results of a survey on the IT adoption decisions of Greek SMEs and an interpretation using a 'logit' model will also be presented. The seminar will conclude with some tentative policy suggestions.

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Priority Research Area: Innovation Systems

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