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Ireland's Emergence as a Centre for Internationally Traded Services

Seamus Grimes
CISC and Department of Geography, NUI Galway

Thursday 7th October 2004

BIS Room 2, The Corrib Building (Near St. Anthony's)

All Welcome

This seminar will examine the emergence in recent years of Ireland as a relatively significant European location for internationally traded services. The considerable challenge facing geographers and others in moving beyond the production-oriented models which have predominated to date to produce a more suitable conceptual framework for internationally traded services will be explored. With services being increasingly embedded in products and with transnational technology corporations being increasingly involved in providing 'end-to-end' solutions for their international client base, a holistic approach towards analyzing the sector will be suggested. Evidence from a number of technology TNC affiliates in Ireland will be used to trace the evolution of ITS activities in Ireland.

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Priority Research Area: Internationally Traded Services

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