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Human Resources for the Innovation Society: an Overview of Recent Data

CISC & Department of Economics, NUI Galway

Thursday 30th September 2004

BIS Room 2, Ground Floor, Corrib Building, St. Anthonys

All Welcome

The intense policy focus in Ireland on the 'innovation society/economy' is often under-informed by reliable quantitative data. This presentation considers data related to a core policy concern, namely stocks of human capital. The data is principally sourced from special tabulations, previously unavailable, undertaken on the results of Census 2002. These tabulations allow unique insights into the stock of those with third-level qualifications, distinguished by type of qualification (primary degree, masters, PhD etc.) and by main subject area (social sciences, humanities, various scientific and technology disciplines etc.). These categories can in turn be related to occupational group, industry, gender, age, principal economic status and geographic area. Some principal results on the scale and characteristics of the sub-group HRST (Human Resources for Science and Technology) in Ireland will be presented

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Priority Research Area: Innovation Systems

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