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Each year CISC has a programme of research seminars, and other events, such as one-day workshops on research techniques and technologies, as well as international conferences, arising from the research work underway at CISC, and drawing upon the collaborative academic linkages and relationships of those at CISC.

CISC Research Seminars will run for one hour in total.



Monday 11th June 2007 (Seminar):
Bananas in Chains? Scaling the Australia-Philippines 'Banana War'
(Professor Robert Fagan � Visiting Scholar to CISC )

Thursday 24th May 2007 (Conference):
Public Engagement with Science Conference

Tuesday 7th November 2006 (Other):
From Science to Growth: Where and How Technology Transfer Fits
(Stephen Allott, MA (Cantab.))

Thursday 2nd November 2006 (Conference):
Growth and Crisis, Social Structure of Accumulation Theory and Analysis
(Various speakers)

Thursday 28th September 2006 (Seminar):
"Universities, Innovation, and the Competitiveness of local Economies
(Professor Richard Lester)

Thursday 28th September 2006 (Other):
Innovation - The Hidden Dimension
(Professor Richard Lester)

Wednesday 28th June 2006 (Conference):
British Universities Industrial Relations Association
(Various Speakers)

Wednesday 7th June 2006 (Conference):
IFIP 8.6 Conference: The Transfer and Diffusion of IT for Organizational Resilience
(Various Speakers)

Monday 10th April 2006 (Seminar):
Strategic Leveraging of Power by Foreign-Owned Affilates in Ireland
(Dr. Patrick Collins)

Monday 3rd April 2006 (Seminar):
The Rise (and Rise) Of The Work-Life Issue: What We Know And Why We Need A Broader View
(Professor Paul Blyton)

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